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VANGUARD - The Originator of the 16:9 Aspect Ratio LED Video Cabinet


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VANGUARD introduces the future of LED Rental Displays! VANGUARD launches a new aluminum Die-Cast cabinet design. The TUNGSTEN Series cabinet is designed to fulfill all of the rigorous demands of the Rental LED Screen industry. Take a look at our TUNGSTEN Series cabinet and you will find innovation in every detail.


TUNGSTEN Series Aluminum Die-Cast Cabinet

Sleek and Slim Design features smooth edges that allow safe and comfortable handling

Innovative Handle Design is uniquely easy to grip for ease of installation and transportation

LCD display on rear of cabinet shows operating parameters such as Temp, Voltage, Usage Count and Total Hours used

Power and Signal lamps indicate cabinet status

Dual Data Connection Option allows redundant data delivery

Cable-less cabinet design means pin type socket connections for quick installations and fewer parts to manage

Strong cabinet interlocking system allows up to 20 cabinets to be flown vertically

Innovative ground stacking system is strong and requires no tools

Fast assembly and disassembly requires no tools


Unparalleled Display Quality

High gray scale & high refresh rate at even low brightness

Ultra-bright LED's offer high brightness and sharp image quality

Low profile mask offers very wide viewing angles

16bit (highest possible) color processing technology

Superb color and brightness uniformity
Refresh rates up to >2400Hz

Contrast Ratio 5000:1